Price: £ 2,950.00 + PP

This yacht is especially created for customers who would like own a beautifully hand crafted vintage racing yacht that can hold its own against today's modern free sailing fiberglass yachts.

Established in 1930, the 36R is one of the oldest model yacht classes still in existence. It came from the need for a medium sized yacht that could be used on shallow city lakes and easily transported on trains and trams for inter club racing. Mr Stansfeild Hicks proposed a very simple rule for a class that had to fit inside a box 36in X 11in X 9in and must not exceed 12 lb. The idea was accepted by the MYA and the 36R class was born.

This 36R was designed by Bill Daniels recognized as the best model yacht designer of the period. Rather than coming up with a stubby hull design to give the longest waterline possible to fit in the box (the main factor for speed of a yacht), Daniels preferred to compromise a little and allow for small overhanging’s at each end. This produced a yacht that not only performed well but also was a beauty to behold.

She is constructed by the traditional Bread and Butter method from Mahogany above the water line and Pine below and fitted with a beech plywood deck. Her toe rails and hatch are also Mahogany carefully selected for their beautiful grain figuration. Her deck and top sides are given a minimum of 6 coats of varnish, finally being hand polished for a high luster. Under the waterline is enameled old English white. The mast is of light weight .5mm Aluminum thin walled tubing with a traditional timber mast top and brass fitting.  The sails are modern racing Mylar sails and are rigged with a synchronous sheeting system. This form of sheeting allows for quick and accurate sail trimming for both head and main sails together in perfect unison.

But what makes this yacht such a true thoroughbred racing machine is the beautifully engineered vane steering gear mounted on the transom. Based on the Clem and Corby vane gears of the 40s, this vane gear is generally recognized as the best available in the world used even today by top competition vane sailors. Manufactured from chrome plated brass and stainless steel this style of vane gear is preferred because it is sensitive in its action yet robust enough to return exactly to its predetermined setting in the hustle and bustle of race conditions.

Click here to see a V36 in action.

The V36 is built to order.

Options: Bespoke paint work, Cotton or Dacron sails.

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