Grove Pond Yachts takes great pride in using the same construction methods and tools as used over 100 years ago. Original materials are used for the hulls and decks are selected for their colour & grain configuration to create a wonderful subtle contrast. Each boat is given several coats of varnish to bring out the full lustre of the material, the final layer being hand-polished

Each yacht has all the fittings and adjustments found on full sized racing yachts and are hand crafted in brass as exact replicas of those found on  model racing yachts from the 1930s. To maximize performance, masts and spars are crafted from light weight materials to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. Our boats come standard with fine cambric cotton sails as originally used to give that traditional look but can be fitted with modern Dacron sails for improved performance.

Their creator Cliff Grove bestows a unique character and soul to each of his creations. Their beauty only being matched by their sailing ability.

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