Without doubt some of the most beautiful yachts ever built were the racing yachts of the 1930s. Their sleek hulls built purely for speed were the greyhounds of the yachting world. Fine vintage pond yachts from the same period also shared the same purity of design, the combination of wood, brass and canvas create one of the most beautiful art forms known to man. It is from these small racing craft that we based the G22.

With a hull length of 22in, she is large enough to have similar sailing characteristics to a full sized yacht, yet small enough to be transported fully rigged. On display she makes an undeniable impression when you enter the room but at the same time does not overwhelm.

Her hollow hull is hand carved from red cedar, the preferred material of the day for lightness and is fitted with an aluminum fin and lead ballast. Hulls are stained darker to give a subtle contrast with the deck and fitted with brass fittings including a traditional etched name plate. The mast is 6mm diameter aluminum tubing for stiffness with a wood topmast and sails are made from fine waterproofed cambric cotton.  The main and head sails can be trimmed to achieve all points of sail.

The perfect vintage Pond Yacht,  hand crafted in our own workshops on the banks of the river Tyne, England.

Price:                                                                                        Plain Wood hull 350GBP+PP                                                 

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The G22 is only available from our shop                               "The Pond"     Tel: +44(0)1434 632713                                  E Mail: grovepondyachts@gmail.com

Please note: The G22 is a historical replica of an English Pond Yacht and is intended for collectors of 14 years of age and above and so can only be sold for adult use.

A bespoke service is available and so if you have a particular colour in mind please contact us.