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12in DRAGONFLY is a traditional English free sailing pond yacht redesigned. Traditional in the sense that she has a solid wooden hull hand carved from a light weight African hard wood, folding down rig and hand painted coach line. Modern in the fact that she sports a stainless steel keel designed for straight line stability and sown cotton sails that hold a lovely aerofoil shape giving her outstanding sail performance. Both sails are fully adjustable to allow you to alter her course.

A perfect little yacht for those who would like to try their hand at free sailing for the first time. Small enough to be carried with you at all times and can be free sailed in a swimming pool or boating lake or from the river bank on a tether or a canoe.

All yachts come with a hardwood display stand.

Specification (approx) Length 31cm, Beam 9cm, Height 47cm

Upon request the DRAGONFLY can be fitted with Dacron sails for improved performance.

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